Current Message Series

Seven billion people occupy this tiny slice of history. And it's not by accident. God chose our generation to make a difference–but He doesn’t want us to do it alone. Find out how in The Me in We.

Past Message Series

With Easter 2017 we wanted to get to the heart of the matter of why we do what we do here at SouthPoint. Find out what God's desire is for you through Pulse. 


Culture says "express yourself" and "believe in yourself" and even that you should "be true to yourself." But what if your self is a train wreck? What if there's someone else to believe in and be true to? Our new series SOUL MAN will take you on a journey to peeling back the layers and discovering that there's so much more to life than what meets the eyes.

Everything in life is based on relationships and those relationships leave permanent marks on our lives and in our souls. We will discover how to navigate different types of relationships, and learn how to limit the destructive behaviors and attitudes that mark us, allowing the original artist free reign in our lives and relationships.

Too many people have never approached God with the concept of "new". Most have resigned themselves that God will just improve their messed up life but that they could never be their best, and think they will just wait and be perfect in heaven. God wants to make all things new now through Christ.

Celebrate with us as we look back on the past 10 Years of SouthPoint Church. 

God is in the culture that surrounds us but we often miss Him. In this relevant, powerful teaching series we'll discover the meaning behind the biggest 80's movies and how we can apply the Biblical principles found in each of them to our lives.

Next Step is our annual series where we look back and recall the amazing things that God has done in and through SouthPoint. It's also a time for us to look ahead at the "next steps" that God is leading us into. This is a series you don't want to miss, as you will learn so much about how God is using SouthPoint as a catalyst for transformation in DeSoto County and surrounding areas.

Let's be honest, you're reading God's Word and you come across a section of scripture that's just seems strange. You ask yourself, what's that all about?! Join us during October as we discuss the stranger things in scripture and discover the life giving messages found in each passage.

So many of us have been taught that we need to hide from God when we are doing wrong and then chase and seek him when we are in need. What if we have it all wrong? What if We are not the ones that are seeking, but rather we are the ones hiding? What if God is truly the one seeking us, and all we have to do is open our eyes and stop running? Come learn the new rules to an ancient game, Hide and Seek.

We're excited for the month of August as we push forward with our pray initiative! At SouthPoint, when we pray for increase, we like to think of SNIF. We will be praying for God to move and grant us increase Spiritually, Numerically, Influentially & Financially. You don't want to miss this series!

Slogans. Symbols. Sayings. How do you express yourself? As Christians, we know the Bible is a book of God’s limitless love, His promises, and His desires for our lives. And it’s in these words that we learn how to live and what to live for. But it can be overwhelming when we realized all there is to learn in the Bible. Where do we even begin? Join us for this series as we discover how just one verse - your verse - can change your life.

Life is full of curveballs and the unexpected. Sometimes, we begin to view giving up as the more appealing option. The Bible actually tells us that we should persevere and endure. It says that if we are faithful till the end and continue trusting God, we will share in all that belongs to Christ! So instead of throwing in the towel, come find out more.

We know what it's like to see someone and think they have it all together. We've even thought they must have "The Perfect Family!" Truth is, outward appearances don't tell all. The Bible gives us some pretty solid truths about building our family structure for God's glory and how in doing so, we receive blessing. Come check out our new series and let's take a look at building "The Perfect Family" God's way.

Dumb decisions… we’ve all made them. Sometimes more frequently than we care to admit. Is there a way to avoid them? (or at least keep from repeating them?) Join us as we explore the source and benefits of true wisdom. In this series you’ll discover not only how to find wisdom but also the courage to act on it.

Come celebrate Easter weekend with us. It's an awesome, faith-filled weekend. We will have 4 services this year for you to be apart of. Saturday, March 26 starting at 6pm and Sunday, March 27 starting at 8:30am, 10am, and 11:30am. Invite your family and friends to join us for for this special weekend full of passionate worship and an inspiring message as we celebrate our risen Savior.

We hate to be the ones to break it to ya, but it's not all about you! The Bible has plenty to say about dying to self and serving others. This is one reality check you don't want to miss.

If we asked you to choose one word to describe your relationships, you probably couldn't. All relationships are different and everyone has different quirks and qualities. In our February message series "Big Bang" we will analyze various relationships. 

Do you ever find yourself weighing the consequences of how your decisions and choices will impact other areas of your life? Maybe you wonder what will happen if you take that new job or buy that new car. Sometimes, the building blocks of our lives are securely positioned. Other times, they seem to be unsteady and we worry that one wrong move could bring everything crumbling down around us.